SwiftKit Mobile for Android - RuneScape Mobile App


SwiftKit Mobile for Android is the ultimate RuneScape Mobile app. Designed from the ground up to bring the all the RuneScape tools and utilities you need into the palm of your hand. From checking another players stats to finding your way on the World Map. If you’re an avid player of RuneScape and have an Android device, this app is a must! (For iOS mobile devices see this page)


  • Stats Lookup
  • Item Lookup (Includes prices and GE Graphs)
  • NPC Lookup
  • Adventurer’s Log
  • Latest RuneScape News with notifications
  • Combat Calculator
  • Skill Calculators
  • Quest Guides
  • Skill Guides
  • World Map
  • Username Checker
  • RuneScape Forums Link

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