SnagIMG can now screenshot multiple monitors

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With the latest update to SnagIMG it’s now possible to screenshot multiple monitors.

For a feature that should have been in the first release of SnagIMG it sure took awhile to get added. Truth be told as the developer of SnagIMG, I never actually had more than the one monitor – so it wasn’t too high on my priority list. Apologies for that. Now that I have a multi monitor setup, I set to work making sure SnagIMG could utilise more than just the primary monitor.

Both the drag screenshot and full screenshot functions will now capture all active monitors in your setup. We’ve also added a new setting in the settings form to disable this and revert it back to the old ways of only screenshotting the primary monitor.

In other news, we’re attempting to get access to the imgur API which seems to be a much more favourable service over ImageShack, but haven’t had much luck as of yet.

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