SnagIMG v2

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SnagIMG has been updated to version 2. This update consists of mostly fixes and improvements but also a new screenshot option. Now when you press CTRL + PrintScreen you will be able to drag an area of the screen that you wish to screenshot.

A few other changes are you can pan screenshots in the Viewer, ‘Check For Updates’ menu added and an ‘Open in Browser’ button added to the Upload form. See full story for a complete list of changes. To update simply make sure SnagIMG is closed (right click > exit on Camera icon in system tray), download and install over the top of your existing installation.

Changes and Fixes:
+ Threaded the screenshot upload process.
+ CTRL+PrntScr now brings up the Drag Screenshot form.
+ Added ‘Open in Browser’ button to the Upload form.
+ Added a ‘Check For Update’ menu option.
+ You can now pan screenshots in the Viewer.
+ Made ‘Upload Screenshot’ button easier to identify in Viewer.
+ Cross hair should appear correctly when using the blur tool.
+ Adds to registry the installed path on startup.

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